Thursday, March 03, 2011

X and such ...

So the other day, a gentleman that I respect sent several of us an email stating:
Ok, so remember now, next week we are going to do "X and such" ...
I thought about his email and replied to him asking, "Thank you so much for the timely reminder. And could you also explain for me, why it is that we are going to do 'X and such'?" Shortly there after, I received an emotional email in alternating Caps Lock, explaining:
Well! EVeRY year wE do "X and such"! And ... we have already anNOUNced it. We have announced bEFORe hand that we will do "X and such"!
So I thought this would make a great Monty Python skit, as follows:
John Cleese: Ok. Today we will commence with beating our faces against the wall with all our might. All ready now? And ... G! go? ..."


Idiot: Excuse me. Excuse me! But what is this about beating your heads against the wall with all your might? I mean, why should we all be doing this?

John Cleese (Incensed): W(H)ell! Every year ... Every year! We beat our faces against the wall with all our might. And ... And we've announced it already. We have announced that we will be beating our faces against the wall with all our might. We ALWAYS announce before hand that we are about to do this, so that there is no question about our intentions.


Now then! If there are no more questions about it ... let us commence immediately with the beating of our faces against these hallowed walls with all our might.
Several folks that I've related this story to have asked, "What is 'X and such'"? Or, "Who was this?"

Does it really matter what "X and such" is? or who it is that requires "X and such"? Isn't it reasonable sometimes to ask why?

What do you think?

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