Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kara is Seven

You missed out on the fun. So here are some highlights to get you caught up. We started by opening presents ...

Then we moved on to the shine party at Justice for Girls ...

Then back for more pizza and cake ... cool cake, mom!

Group hug ...

And someone had fun sleeping the whole time ...

In Him.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

One booty on ...

Mommy did so well, and all by herself. Of course, I was there, but it was all about her. She did not let out so much as a whimper. The pain was clearly there ... whew! She did not shed one tear. Then after it was over, the doctor came rushing in, holding onto his cap, with only one bootie on ...

She is 8 pounds ...

and 11 oz ...

And her name is Valarie Grace.

Lord, bless them, and help them to quickly grow to love You, and love You for the rest of their lives, and know all the benefits of loving You.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

While we are waiting ... part 2

I walk by and discovered my two girls passing notes under the door to each other as follows:

6 yr old: Whaaaaaah!
8 yr old: ... Come on! Wawawawawawaaah! because of you!
6 yr old: You ---> :-) Me ---> :-(
8 yr old: No ... You :-) ... Me :-( She hates me .... why do you hate me? Because I write weird and I am a weirdo?
6 yr old: I love you. Now I write weird and you hate me. Now what will you do? I (heart) you.
8 yr old: Are you crying?
6 yr old: Yes (flip) ... Do you still hate me?
8 yr old: Stop ... get out of my beeswax ... NO!
I wonder if teachers learn the hard way ... not to read the notes that kids write back and forth to each other.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Her fourth baby shower ...

Happy giggles ...

Who's hands are on the table?

David is in the house ...

"I will never forget your precepts, For with them, you have revived me." -- Psalm 119:93