Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Installing skype on fedora ... libQtCore.so.1 is needed by skype-

If you use fedora, and if you get errors as follows:
error: Failed dependencies:
libQtCore.so.1 is needed by skype-
libQtDBus.so.1 is needed by skype-
libXss.so.1 is needed by skype-
Don't worry you are not alone. And google may not seem to help much.

Well here is a solution I used ... execute the following as root:
# yum install qt-x11.i386
# yum install libXScrnSaver.i386
# yum install libXv.i386
# rpm -ivh skype-
And then skype should be installed. If you use gnome, there will be an icon at f applications->Internet->skype.

One reason why folks run into this issue is because they are running a 64 bit processor and installing skype which was compiled to be run on a 32 bit machine. So the files in the skype- are for a 32 bit operating system. The two yum commands above simply install the corresponding 32 bit libraries needed by skype to run on your 64 bit machine.

Hope that helps.


Threader Slash said...

Hellow Vernon!

Thanks man. The number of errors dropped from a half dozen to just one left:
libXv.so.1 is needed by skype-

Cheers.... ThreaderSlash - gmail.com

Vernon Singleton said...

# rpm -qf /usr/lib/libXv.so.1

So that means you may just need to install libXv-1.0.3-5.fc9.i386

Hope that helps.

Abhi said...

Thanks worked like charm!

Vijay said...

Thanks a lot. This was very useful

Anonymous said...

FEDORA 13 - 64 bit:

Only the STATIC version can be installed.
open two windows, run skype in one, and the second window needs to run "yum whatitprovides libwhatever.so.X"
just install the library displayed as output of yum. repeat a dozen times, and done.

So easy! Thanks skype for having a such archaic 32-bit application.

Anonymous said...


You are the man, you solved my issue!