Sunday, February 12, 2006

Yes, we have a parade ...

One annotation, that has stuck in my mind, since my post about the hotdog church, was made by the Eritrean cabby that took me to my hotel on Market St. in San Francisco last June. As we passed a group of SF policemen preparing, he said, "The rainbow parade will go by this hotel tomorrow." His accent was thick, he had only been in the states for a year.

Then I asked, "Where you come from, do they have parades for them, in Eritrea? Does the government spend your tax money on security for the parade?" He paused for a moment, glanced back at me, and then responded solemnly, "Yes. We have a parade, but it ends much differently."

You see, there are only six or seven countries in the world that carry the death penalty for homosexual acts, and every one of them justify this punishment with sharia law.

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