Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sniff kiss and tell

I love to smell the crown of someone's head. Each crown has its own unique smell. -- Robin Atwood
When I went a courtin' my wife, it became clear that Vietnamese folks do not kiss on the lips too much. They prefer to smell as they press their nose against the crown of your head, or in your hair, and sniff inhale as they pull back.

The Lord has provided us an abundant variety of ways to be affectionate. People need to understand this! Let's "sniff kiss and tell" everyone about it.

I love my wife :-)


Robin said...

Thanks for writing that Vernon. I guess I thought I was unique in that way. I do like kissing on the lips though.

Bill Brown said...

Haha! We thought we'd invented the term sniff-kiss. Our version involves kissing and sniffing simultaneously, which I guess is unique. Of course, it's one of many.