Friday, January 06, 2006

My Savior Jesus

This is one of my personal favorites. Partly because of the perspective of the song, and mainly because of the truth of the story it tells. It's certainly one of my father's most important songs. You would have to hear him sing it to understand, but for now, you'll just have to settle for me ... try to reach out with your heart, and you may catch the power of this song's message.

Here are the Lyrics:
My Savior Jesus
written by Vernon D. Singleton, Sr.
around 1986 AD

Let me tell you a story
about a man I know
He comes from far away
and long ago

His name is Jesus
and He taught me how to love
I see him all around me and feel his
strength from above

When I came into this world
nothing did I know
of what came before me, but
I began to grow

I was looking for the answers
of what I was to be, and
tried to get outside myself, so
I could be free

I really don't know what it was
that caused me not to see
I guess as much as anything it was
pride or vanity

But then it came, that awful day,
that awful day of woe.
I saw the devil smile at me,
he said, "You're mine, you know?"

(woo & musical bridge)

Then from up above me
at first it wasn't very clear
but there in the devil's face,
I saw a sign of fear.

Yes, it was Jesus
hanging down a thread of hope
I grabbed onto that thread in faith, and
it became a rope.

Yes, it was my savior (Jesus),
coming after me
I gave myself to him, and
He set me free.

(woo & musical bridge)

Let me tell you a story
about a man I know
He comes from far away
and long ago ...

Am <- play this
(e) <- sing this

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