Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jesus in the Sky

The idea for this song was written by Jessica Mitchum (at age 9) in 2005 and then it was composed by my father, Donny Singleton around September of 2005. Below is a crude recording I made with a $35 Gremlin ukulele -- using chords like Am, G, Esus, E7, and F/C. My Father told me how sincere and innocent the little girl Jessica was, and how he tried to capture that in this song. Maybe you can capture it too. Enjoy.

Here is a direct link to the mp3.

Here are some Lyrics and links to other renditions ...

Here are the Lyrics:
Jesus in the Sky

I wish everyone would know / my Jesus and be good
Just as they should, oh how I wish they would.
Every person who knows Jesus will go up very high.
Will go up very high and never die.

For Jesus is our God. He's King of Kings and Lord of Lords
He is Almighty and our Majesty.
And we will be so happy when He takes us to the sky.
And we will praise His Holyness on high.

The Heavens will be opened. He'll be riding a white horse.
The Rider's name is Faithful and True.
He's coming back to get all those who call upon His name.
I'm calling Him and hoping you do too.


Are you ready to go with Him when He comes back for you?
Are you praying to receive Him? Is your heart pure and true?
Just give Him your whole heart and know that He loves you.
And you will live with Jesus on "Heaven's Avenue"


So give Him your whole heart and know that He loves you
And you can live with Jesus on "Heaven's Avenue".

-- originally written by Jessica Mitchum ... age 9

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