Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Must Read.

I just finished reading The Breaking of the Outer Man and the Release of the Spirit by Watchman Nee. He has been influential on many Christians.

For those of us who pray for humility without being humbled, he says, "A law cannot be altered by prayer."

If you like to debate, he says, "We will realize that fellowship is a matter conducted in the spirit; it is not a fellowship of opinions."

And he has a section called "HOW TO KNOW MEN", so you can imagine that this is fairly important ... He says:

"No doctor can prescribe only one kind of medicine to all of his patients. Unfortunately, some servants of God have only one prescription. They do not understand others' illnesses, yet they try to heal them."

He takes the personal relationship with the Lord, which Christians so enjoy teaching, and forces you to see that the Lord requires a concerned fellowship with one another that many teachers ignore.

Many of the best authors like Watchman Nee have passed away.

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Robin said...

I guess that clinches it. First Tom reminded me of the book last week,and now you. I pulled out my copy this morning and, within a few paragraphs, was glad I did. I've always thought of this book as being written especially for me because it was published in the year of my birth. You are right. It is a "must read".


P.S. Current photos of the baby and the girls would be nice.