Thursday, August 10, 2006

CookiePie (Updated)

Power users are constantly scouring the web for new tools ... I may have found one that I've been looking for today ...

Sebastian Wain or Mauro Asprea appear to have created an extension for firefox that allows you to maintain different cookies in different tabs. The extension is called CookiePie. Too bad it looks like it conflicts with my other new favorite extension "Tab Mix Plus". I'll probably use CookiePie (AKA ChocoTorta) at work and use Tab Mix Plus at home for now.

The basic idea is that you can have to tabs in firefox open at the same time which are each logged into two different yahoo mail accounts for example. This is particularly useful in web development. The extension is a bit rouge right now, and does not look like it has come into the fold with the rest of the extensions on

If anyone knows if it will break anything else, let me know. Otherwise looks like a great extension.

----- UPDATE :-) ------------

Well after giving it a good whirl, it appears to have some bugs ...
I am using Firefox right now, and CookiePie disables the little tab closing X button in the upper right that I am used to, and it opens my homepage in a tab by default. So I had to re-learn how to close a tab by using the tab context menu (right click on the tab). Also it did not allow me to log into two different versions of the same web site with different logins :-(

So it looks like it is still very much in an alpha or beta stage, and it is not truly separating sessions between two tabs. I will definitely be watching this extension in the future. This is the kind of functionality that would make my work easier.

If anyone knows of an extension that already does this, please let me know.


Steve said...

You can also close a tab in Firefox by middle clicking the tab!

=) Steve Roberts

Anonymous said...

There is an explanation in the web page of how to put the X button using Tab Mix Plus.
And... there is a mailing list to publish the bugs you found there and help the team.

Nektra Advanced Computing said...

Take a look at the new Cookiepie release at: cookiepie 1.0.0 and enjoy!
It solves some of the issues with Gmail and is running fine on Yahoo, Hotmail and others.