Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Getting the CRUD out of the way ...

Hale Pringle has created a tool, JGuiGen, for creating screens that allow folks to do what is commonly known as CRUD among developers. CRUD stands for Create, Review, Update, and Delete. These are common tasks that you want users to be able to do for any given object.

Most developers want to work on their own more interesting stuff like graphical analysis or statistics or business logic (yuck), and so JGuiGen provides them relief from having to worry about some more mundane tasks like "making multiuser saves just work" or "code to validating data entry" or "internationalization (i18n)".

So I put together a couple of screencasts for Hale's project. If you get some pauses durring playback you can try using my cable modem for upload ... surprising how for just one user, my sad little cable modem serves up a screencast more smoothly than sourceforge, but certainly if more than one of you hit it at the same time you know what to expect.


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