Sunday, March 10, 2013

Loan's Beautiful Thoughts

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* Feeding children, and taking them out for fun is easy. But teaching children to know and to follow in righteousness is hard.
* Cho con ăn ngon thì dể, cho con đi chơi thật thú vị cũng dể. Nhưng dạy con biết và làm theo dúng phải thì khó.

And from Billy Graham:
* Pleasures are the things that appeal to our flesh and to our lust. But joy is something else. Joy runs deep.
* Vui thích là điều xuất phát trong xác thịt và tình dục. Nhưng vui mừng thì khác hẵn. Vui mừng thật sâu đậm.

You can find more inspiration from Loan's musings and some of her favorite quotes here in English, and here in Vietnamese.

In Him.

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