Monday, January 04, 2010

Solution: Cannot create a desktop icon in KDE version 4.x

If you cannot create a link to your favorite application in KDE version 4, do not worry. Here is a procedure that may help you:

1) right click on your desktop
2) click "Desktop Activity Settings"
3) select "Activity" from the list on the left
4) change the "Activity Type" from "Desktop" to "Folder View"
5) click "Apply"
6) click "Ok"

Now you should be able to:
1) right click on your desktop
2) Create New
3) Link to Application

Hope that helps.

I have no idea why the KDE folks think that we should all magically know that we need to change our Activity Types from Desktop to Folder View, and that this would obviously change the desktop behavior to allow for adding an application icon to the desktop. If we picked random words from the dictionary, and substituted them for "Activity", "Desktop", and "Folder View" it would probably make more since why the new settings should allow an application launcher to be added to the desktop.

What is amazing and randomly wrong is that the default Activity Type called Desktop does NOT allow someone to add an icon to launch an application.

What do you think?


Anton said...

I've always simply dragged the program icon from the launcher menu to the desktop and that created the icon. Didn't need to switch to Folder View before doing this.

Vernon Singleton said...

That assumes that there is a program icon. The program does not (and should not) need to have an icon in order to create one on the desktop.