Friday, July 31, 2009

Friendship Blossoms

Each feels a need to be alone-and clandestinely hide away,
from the trials of our daily walk-and the nettles of each day.
But there's a need, yet deeper still, a very human element;
a need for love, for warmth and strength, a sharing of content.

God planted those first seeds of love, in the vale of Eden, there ...
I think some seeds lay dormant, 'til he molded friends to share.
That day the seeds awakened, took root, and sprouted high ...
as the friendships blossomed-God looked down through His sky,

As He looked, He whispered soft, "tis good-this blossom fair"
He stooped and picked a friendship flower and blew it on the air.
Like dandelions, they scattered, and where'ere a seed touched down
eventually, a friendship grew, in that garden of renown.

He intends for us to spread the seeds
and send them winging on the breeze ...
to fertile soil in someone's heart ... and to blossom ... He is pleased.
If we took the time each day, with care, to plant a seed ...
imagine all the friendship flowers would blossom and would lead ...

friendship flowers
To more seedlings being planted ...
in more hearts, friendship would be;
then hate and greed would vanish, for all eternity.
It truly is a gift from God, to have a friend to share,
the glories of the moments ... as well as all our cares.

by Dot Chadwick (written in 1967)

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