Tuesday, December 11, 2007

While we are waiting ... part 2

I walk by and discovered my two girls passing notes under the door to each other as follows:

6 yr old: Whaaaaaah!
8 yr old: ... Come on! Wawawawawawaaah! because of you!
6 yr old: You ---> :-) Me ---> :-(
8 yr old: No ... You :-) ... Me :-( She hates me .... why do you hate me? Because I write weird and I am a weirdo?
6 yr old: I love you. Now I write weird and you hate me. Now what will you do? I (heart) you.
8 yr old: Are you crying?
6 yr old: Yes (flip) ... Do you still hate me?
8 yr old: Stop ... get out of my beeswax ... NO!
I wonder if teachers learn the hard way ... not to read the notes that kids write back and forth to each other.

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