Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Raise your hand if ...

... if you've gotten frustrated, trying to guess the "correct" words to use in a google search.

I just googled:
db2 rownum, db2 rownumber, db2 row number, db2 row_number,
db2 row count, db2 rowid, db2 row id, db2 row_id,
db2 rowcount, db2 row count, db2 row_count,
db2 rownumber over, db2 row number function,
db2 sql reference

trying to find the following blurb of SQL ...

Yes, it's obvious, when it comes to choosing the right keywords, I'm clueless ...

Anyway, here is an example of it's use:
select PET from LIFE.PEEVES order by SURPRISE desc

The "answer" to my issue was finally found in this great entry by "Craig S. Mullins".
Thanks, Craig.

P.S. I don't want to show you the "better" keywords to use to find the answer to this silly problem ... I'm hoping only idiots like myself find there way here with the keywords I first tried ... if I put the "better" keywords here, google might direct more of the smart folks here to laugh at me.

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