Friday, October 05, 2007

Lunch on Saturday?

So, my daughter asked me to send an email for her because I did not want her to get her own email address yet. She is 8 years old, and the idea of her receiving some of the spam I see makes me cringe. So I told her to hand write what she wanted to send and I would send it ... Here is what she wrote:
Dear Veronica,

You're invited to our house! You can meet my new friend.
She's real nice, I think you will like her. You are invited this
Saturday before lunch. The time you should come is 10 o'clock or

Your friend,

I called her friend's father and asked him if his daughter (also 7 or 8) had an email address because my daughter wanted to send her an email, and he said, "No, forget it ... there is no way. Just send it to me or my wife and we'll read it to her". So we did just that. Here is what Veronica, his daughter wrote back:

hi Lauren I am so excited to go to your house on saturday I wonder what suprise i am gonna get oh just if you have a surprise for me and you know that jesus will be in your heart forever god bless you bye---bye and good---night. love veronica to Lauren and kara.

So ... yeah, no email accounts for them ... we're just gonna have to read all their emails. We might just learn a few things like ... you know ... Jesus will be in your heart forever.

God bless you. bye bye.


Jeff said...

From the mouths of babes, great truth can issue forth. (I made up the 2nd half of that!)

Cute story!

Bradlee Sargent said...

Thanks so much for your kind words regarding my daughter. I remember praying for her before I was even married, and now what the Lord has done, I give him all the praise and the honor and the glory for every good thing he gives us. Forever Amen.