Thursday, January 04, 2007

You Shall Go Out With Joy

Why does this melody feel so Jewish?

Well, one guess is because the ideas from this song are from Isaiah, and Isaiah was deeply involved with the Jewish people.

A link to some lyrics and chords I'm using.
Direct link to the free mp3.

Are you enjoying these recordings as much as I am?
Probably not!


The Mighty Tosh said...

G'day Mate,

We were just researching 'We shall go out with Joy' for a friends wedding hymn and were interested to hear your rendition.

I think I can answer why it sounds Jewish - it's old testament quote from Isaiah 55.12, who interestingly was Jewish (or I presume as I'm not very religiousy).

Also you seem to sing it in a Leonard Cohen-esq stylee, rather then the upbeat gospel version they are looking for. So that may also give a Jewish feel to it as well. That's not a criticism of your performance, we're big L.C. fans, I can see you singing The Partisan very well.

Anyhoo, keep up the good work :-)

Sunil Glen said...

I like this. very good. A bit out of tune at times but made me smile and reminisce of childhood school assemblies. genious. Thankyou

Gunil Slen said...

And I think it sounds jewish (apart from the obvious lyrical reference) because of the chord structure...jewish folk music is a lot of the time in a minor key changing to major and always ending minor as this piece does. You could imagine it being played on a accordian and in a ska-beat kinda style :P

Anonymous said...

there's a essay about the song in 20something essays by 20something writers

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought: perhaps the melody "sounds" Jewish because it is Jewish! The composers, Dr. Stuart Dauermann and Steffi Geiser Rubin, are both Messianic Jews who wrote this song when they were on the staff of "Jews for Jesus."

SuziQ said...

Dear Vernon
Please can I download this wonderful song on to a CD to play at a dear friend's memorial tomorrow? I just sang it for the first time in church this morning, came home and searched the internet for a recording and there you are! Please can I download it so | can play it at the memorial. Many thanks,peace and love SuziQ

Vernon Singleton said...

Yes, you may download it.

pipaten said...

Hey uncle VInh, i search the song for church and this one pops up, thank God and thank you.^^

Anonymous said...

It sounds "Jewish" since a Rabbi composed it.