Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Aliyah insight ...

The Lord has blessed Jews with amazing minds ... and when combined with frank humility ... the whole world benefits.

This week's audio blog by Brian Blum, for example, is stunningly refreshing (The Jerusalem Post broke the link, imagine that ... they don't want people to read their stuff).

But, I'd wager that more folks have been touched by this testimony. And a few of us who heard it were not only refreshed, but invigorated by the unmatchable power of the Holy Spirit.

If you have not read Aviad Cohen's testimony, you should probably first read one of the many pejorative articles and blogs published about him recently. That should set the tone for you to better appreciate Aviad Cohen as the underdog. You'll understand after reading or hearing his testimony how clearly he knows what the results of his belief in Jesus will be ... he knows what the results of his aliyah will be. May the Lord bless him and all of the spiritual descendants of Abraham.


Anonymous said...

I made Aliya from France 2 years ago.
I had good times in Israel and less good times, but I know it was the right decision to come here.
I will be happy to answer any questions from people who think of doing it and give my advise to them.
Having relatives in Israel already is a big asset.
In case someone wants to find new relatives and stay in touch with the old ones, I can recommend the Israeli website
Famillion is a worldwide family project connecting people across the globe, transcending borders and languages. you simply build your family tree and the system matches it with related trees and that way you connect to new or old relatives and make your family tree grow. you can also upload pictures and exchange family stories.
It s a great tool to find relatives and stay in touch with them.
So, guys, let s get all connected!!!
looking forward to receiving your comments...
Stay in touch,


Anonymous said...

Hi Debby,

thanks for this tip!
I knew the site already, though!
My aunt is a teacher and she told me that Famillion has launched this roots project in Israeli schools. all children build their family trees on to somehow strenghten the sense of beloning and the heritage!
Great idea! I will build my tree soon!
Dash cham,

Anonymous said...

I think they will launch a medical application soon in cooperation with Harvard Med School about personal medicine.